Knowing precisely when the bus will arrive at your stop with the WheresTheBus app means peace of mind for parents. Up-to-the-minute ETAs eliminate the morning and afternoon stress of uncertainty when the bus will arrive. If your school district tracks ridership with student IDs, parents can receive a push notification when their student boards the bus. Arrival times are available instantly with Apple or Android apps or any Internet device (smartphone, tablet, PC, iPod, etc.).

School Districts

WheresTheBus is a user-friendly school bus tracking system that solves problems without creating new ones. Cloud-based solution eliminates software and map installation and maintenance. Transportation staff can address problem routes quickly and efficiently with real world data, reporting, and statistical analysis. Transportation departments can measure, monitor, and manage what is important to operations: safety, efficiency, and customer service.


Real-time bus and student location information and data are the backbone and passion of our company. When transportation, schools, and households can all access real-time cloud-based, information, phones stop ringing and people can make better, more informed, and efficient decisions.


Know where all of your buses are in real-time, all of the time. In a few clicks, answer and address any questions and parent or school inquiries. The WheresThe Bus desktop and mobile software is the most powerful and user-friendly software in the industry. Our greatest compliment is after our first training or demo, when customers routinely tell us "anyone can use this".

Student Ridership

WheresTheBus has the most large-scale student ridership implementations in school transportation. We work with the infrastructure already in place in the school system, coming up with a coherent implementation strategy and ID technologies that work consistently across all school disciplines.

Parent App

When families can access real-time, precise bus stop arrival information, they receive accurate, personalized information immediately, allowing Transportation staff to focus on transportation, not telephones.

WheresTheBus was the first widespread parent app in the industry and remains the most advanced. The app provides real-time, precise bus stop arrival time predictions (ETA / Estimated Time of Arrival), maps, and bus stop views customized for each household.

School View

School View allows schools to access real-time location and arrival time information for all buses assigned to their school. Rather than calling Transportation inquiring about bus arrivals, school staff can focus on staging students and preparing them to efficiently board incoming buses.

Ruggedized Tablet (MDT)

Fully ruggedized (IP67) tablets are configured to do a wide range of functions including driver messaging, turn-by-turn directions, and student ridership / bus stop validation. A simple, user-friendly interface with easy, powerful, and quick access to information is our priority.


WheresTheBus LLC provides the absolute best in industry GPS, onboard technologies, and route plan integrations. The company’s software is both powerful and user-friendly, a rare combination achieved by knowing and listening to our customers and anticipating their needs based on every click. The result is immediately apparent. In a few clicks, dispatchers and transportation employees and administrators get an immediate answer.

WheresTheBus exclusively serves the K-12 school transportation industry and has since its inception in 2012. The company was founded by industry pioneers who first introduced GPS bus tracking, a parent app, and route plan integrations to the pupil transportation industry.

Leadership and Customer Support Team

Joe Winkler - President & Founder

Joe Winkler

President & Founder

Frank Genovese

Chairman & CFO

Ryan Hill - Director of Software Development

Ryan Hill

Director of Software Development

Tom Rutgers - Installation Manager

Tom Rutgers

Installation Manager

Sam Arciprete - Customer Service Manager

Sam Arciprete

Customer Service Manager

Aaron LaBarre - Hardware Developer and Support

Aaron LaBarre

Hardware Developer and Support


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